What's Inside the Volcanic Activity Centre?

Here is a sample of some of the exciting informative and educational activities you will encounter at the Volcanic Activity Centre.

Wall displays
The centre is packed with fascinating and informative wall mounted displays. Discover what the centre of the earth is made up of or learn about the tectonic plates that collide to created New Zealand’s mighty and varied landscape. So much exciting stuff to discover!

Hands on
There are many interactive displays at the centre that make learning both easy and fun. Kids remember to take the time to teach your parents and teachers how it all works too now wont you. Otherwise they never keep up!

Tectonic plates
Learn about how the earth's crust is made up of huge tectonic plates by completing this giant 3d jigsaw puzzle.

The live Geyser model shows what is happening both above and below ground and even has its own spurt cycle to watch out for!

Study the fascinating crystals and structure of various volcanic rocks with our powerful Microscope. Who’d have thought a pile of rocks could be so interesting!

Earthquake Simulator
A true Volcanic Activity Centre favourite, the earthquake simulator knocks out a mighty earthquake of a magnitude equivalent to 6.3 on the Richter scale. Take a seat, hit the button and hang while the earth trembles, shakes and the light bulb flickers and sways. This earthquake experience is much safer than the real thing and a lot more fun too.

Live Seismograph Link
Check out real current seismic activity on our live seismograph. At the push of a button the seismograph will show you current, of the minute earth tremors occurring on either Mt Ruapehu, Mt Edgecumbe  or White Island.  Who knows how many earthquakes you might see!

Computerised Simulators
Create and simulate your very own earthquake or volcanic eruption using our fun touch screen computer displays. Hours of interactive fun.

Our cinema runs films continuously that show footage of real volcanoes really erupting, why they erupt and what happens when they do. You’ll even see some of New Zealand’s own volcanic eruptions! The cinema can also double up as a lecture room if required.